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His voice, complementary to his guitar and harmonica (and inarguably his strongest instrument), carries his lyrics to a place beyond immediate resonance. One scarcely notices the literalness – his stories, plots and choruses are un-metaphoric, completely digestible – for it is mindfully drowned in romantic, melodic musicality. The effect is hypnosis, with Burns intentionally guiding us – with his vocals, guitar, poetry, and presence – down a lovely rabbit-hole of blithely sensuous, love-wanting, nostalgia.” 

 Emily Rae Pellerin (Glass Magazine)

Ryan’s own fusion of Scottish and Americana sets itself apart, rooting itself more in the Americana than the Scottish but it is no less brilliant for that.”

– Susan Dyer (Notes and Notations Blog)

“There is real feeling in his delivery that suggests he is a writer interested in moving listeners by the things that move him.”

– Michael Clark (Instrumentali Blog)

“What Ryan has produced in this record and what he does on stage is a very modern type of Scottish Country Music and it’s absolutely beautiful”

– Craig Armstrong

A lovely slice of Scottish Americana”

– Roddy Hart,  Absence – featured as ‘Record of Note’ on BBC Scotland’s The Roddy Hart Show (2nd May 2017)