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It’s taken me a long time to get this album out there and I am so glad to finally let everyone hear it. The album is a culmination of a lot of work in which I wrote, produced and performed the songs myself, I’ve been really humbled by the support and response that I have received so far.

I am also really glad to have been able to make this album with family and friends and to have my pal Kathryn Joseph singing on the title track is incredible!

I really think you’ll love the record and hope it brings you as much joy to listen to as it did for me making it.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to my aunt – Jerry Burns, my brothers Matthew and Patrick and my dad for teaching me my first three chords, G, C and D and setting me off on a path where I literally eat, sleep and breathe music. My girlfriend puts up with a lot! Big thanks to her and for inspiring much of the album and my mum. Mum, I know you hate the jacket I am wearing on the album and if this first album makes any money, I promise I will buy a new one!

There are a lot of my tutors and band mates to thank for the encouragement around playing in my first band, The Seventeenth Century. John Hogarty (BMX Bandits and National Park), Finlay McDonald (Teenage Fanclub) and Chris McCulloch (The 45’s), Ally Kerr for my first tour which looking back feels like a surreal experience and Pearl for my first solo gig in Brel.

Roddy Hart (and The Lonesome Fire) has been an encouraging influence along with Greg Kane (Hue and Cry), Craig Armstrong (Moulin Rouge and so many other incredible projects) and Nick Roan from SAE Institute.

A special thanks to mentor and promoter Matthijs for all his encouragement and enthusiasm in Holland and for the opportunities he continues to create.

My absolute heroes – James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Rufus Wainwright, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, thanks for the inspiration!

And my regular band mates keyboard player, Tommy Reilly, acoustic guitarist, Michael Cassidy, drummer Gordon Turner and bassist Alan Langdon, electric guitarist, John Martin who have turned my recorded album into a living, breathing live performance.

Elaine Livingstone – photography, Ross Carmichael – graphic artist, Bulletproof ID, Graham Collins from Threads of Sound, Fraser Ralston – Social Media, Conor Reilly – film guy and Wee Lynn from the Wee Partnership for event producing and pr.

I hope everybody enjoys the album. I’ll be touring like a madman promoting it and already have a tonne of material for the next album.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.